Little Deeds

In my attempt to be a better person and actually do the things I think about, I am going to participate in a couple of walks.

First, I am raising money for RAINN. They are a big help to survivors. I officially have my own donation page………

Second, I am doing a walk for Lauren’s Kids. The walk in my area is on April 1st. The entire walk is 1500 miles across the state of Florida. The Mission: To prevent sexual abuse through awareness and education, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support.

The last thing I have lined up right now is the Paws-in-Motion Walkathon. It helps raise money for the Humane Society. It is held on March 8th.

I am excited for these events. Just trying to do my little part.


About Avictimnomore

Lost soul, trying to find myself. Trying to learn to be a survivor of child sexual abuse, the death of my parents when I was a teen, and being disowned by my remaining family.
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