Another Joyful Holiday 

Well, another joyful holiday is upon us. I’m laying in bed, in the dark trying to feel better but just thinking of all the reasons I feel like crap. 

November is a bad month.  First there was my girlfriends fathers birthday at the beginning of the month followed by the one year anniversary of his death. Then last week was my fathers birthday, he died in 1978. 

Next we have all of the recent financial troubles. I’m not going to go into detail on here, but suffice to say that the outlook is grim. I’m actually pretty afraid of what’s coming. Maybe I should say a prayer. Lol. To who?  I don’t believe in Christianity. 

Then there’s the whole Thanksgiving thing. I don’t believe in Thanksgiving. I believe in eating turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie. I don’t believe in honoring the dinner the people who stole this land from the natives had. Everyone in this household is so thankful were going to Golden Corral for our dinner. No one really wants to celebrate but we all want some turkey and nobody feels like making it. 

Can’t wait for Christmas. Another holiday that Christians celebrate with earnest that’s founded on falsehood and paganism.  Kind of funny how most of them don’t realize it. 

Holidays are stupid.  How about Easter? Another pagan tradition.  Not that paganism bothers me, it’s just funny.  How about Halloween? Now there’s a holiday I can get into! Celebrate the day of the dead, All Hallows’ eve. Full of pagan tradition. I’m not really sure what Christians think they’re celebrating on that one. It’s supposed to mark the beginning of a three day observance “Allhallowtide”.  Haven’t seen that being done much. 

Guess I’m done with my rant for the day. I think I got off track. Not to mention pissing some people off. 

Goodnight, here’s to a better tomorrow. 


About Avictimnomore

Lost soul, trying to find myself. Trying to learn to be a survivor of child sexual abuse, the death of my parents when I was a teen, and being disowned by my remaining family.
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